OK, I usually don't do back-and-forths, but let's play this out. First, I'm glad I provided some levity for your day. Yes, I do remember you, and your treatise about why there are no White allies. I disagreed then, I disagree now. I will always maintain the hope - not exactly optimism, but hope - that we can some day be able to talk to each other. When one side speaks in absolutes, however - "all White people" - it cuts off conversation.

Why did I mention I was White? Because that is the basis of such conversations today. If I am White, I am automatically labeled as a racist. And if I protest, that is proof. Might as well get that out there up front, so you can disregard whatever follows after if you wish. And I have added an avatar, if it assuages one of your objections about me, although I fail to see the importance.

Finally - "Next, don’t tell me what I think, ok? It’s all good. I’d just rather you talk about what you think and want, I talk about what I think and want." Huh? Please show me where I tried to tell you what to think. I told you exactly what I want, which is for the ad hominem attacks to stop.

That is pure projection, Catherine. Many, if not most, Black writers today, especially on this site, including you, focus of their articles on what White people are really thinking when they are talking. "I am not a racist" really means "I am a racist and I just don't know it yet", after which you proceed to tell me why I am a racist. Based on what I think. Which is all wrong, of course.

And I don't need your praise. Your comment about a "halo" is childish and insulting, although another common theme in writings by Black excoriators today.

Here is a question for you. Is there anything that a White person could say to you, or Marley K. - anything at all - that would convince either of you that the person was not racist? WCMTS - what could Mother Theresa say?

Economist and public policy analyst, cyclist and paddler, and incorrigible old coot.

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