Thank you. I'm a White guy, so maybe you don't want my thanks. But, sorry, thank you anyway. We need to find ways to INCREASE communication between races and ethnic groups, who have, for so many years, been separated by many things, including parochial attitudes about language.

I don't want to ever say anything that offends people. I never use the N-word, and I am trying to learn more. But it is hard to know every word or phrase that offends people outside your own culture. It's not that different when you travel - you'd best be careful about physical gestures - you'd better not use the "OK" signal with your thumb and index finger in some countries, as it means something totally different. Same thing here. If it is really offensive to a wide swath of people, by all means let me know. But if it is minor and rare, maybe not make a big deal of it.

Economist and public policy analyst, cyclist and paddler, and incorrigible old coot.

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